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  Excellence in the manufacturing of  3/4″ Wormy Chestnut Flooring  4″- 8″ W $6.95 sq.ft. and  Reclaimed Oak  5″  $6.25. …   Since 1993  images 1-301 -334 ( 3189 )  Contact us   

Chestnut Floor has been a dedicated leader in the pursuit and recovery of exceptionally rare antique woods. Much of these prized timbers, harvested from “Early American wood buildings,thus saving from destruction and landfill waste. We are convinced our wood floors, Wormy Chestnut, Wide Plank Floor, Barn Siding, Barn Beams, Mantel Beams are unmatched and unsurpassed in quality. Reclaimed Lumber is ideal for your next flooring or furniture project.  Wormy Chestnut, Wide Plank Pine Floor, Reclaimed Oak Flooring, Hemlock Wide Plank Floors, Tobacco Wood Flooring, Antique Poplar.  Rustic Barn wood, old wood. God bless.

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Tobacco barns used  for the curing of tobacco in the early 1900’s, they our fast disappearing from the American landscape.

Reclaimed Oak Flooring

With reclaimed oak being poplar, it is becoming more difficult to source. With such high demand wide planks, barn beams sawen into lumber our milled into exceptional wood floors. Low cost start at: $4.95 sq.ft.

Barn Wood

For other exciting old wood projects, we offer Pine Barn Siding, Barn Beams Hewn & Saw Cut, Barn Wood Mantel Beams cut to order, Chestnut Floors beautiful custom old wood moldings and Millwork , Rustic old Wood Furniture all hand built by old world craftsman. …
For a quarter of century,

 Antique Pine Floor

Early American barns with their large open expanses were timber frame structures. The massive timbers used in construction, up to 24″ wide, were often pine. Heart Pine, White & Yellow Pine are used today buy Colonial Lumber in the processing of 100% reclaimed or salvaged wide antique floors, old wood

Antique Hemlock Floor

The time worn beauty ingrained by decades of history make our antique Hemlock floor impossible to replicate. Antique Hemlock planks are gold honey to darker reds in colors.

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Robert Uphold owner of Chestnut Floors I started work in my dads cabinet shop. I remember the long, hot days spent sanding what seemed like 30,000 cabinet doors and drawers.

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Now $4.95 per square foot on Wormy Chestnut

Family Tradition

A long family tradition in the timber industry.  This photo, taken in 1872, is of a huge old-growth Wormy Chestnut logs.  Centered in the photo is Page Durr, founder of Colonial Lumber the parent company of Chestnut Floors  , which is now also on the world-wide-web as Colonial


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Colonial Lumber has a long reputation of excellence in the manufacturing of 3/4″ Chestnut Flooring $4.95 sq ft. Custom Wood Moldings …

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